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Bamboo & Teak Bar Soap

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Bamboo & Teak Bar Soap by Old Whaling Co

This bar soap exfoliates the skin with fine-grain pumice powder and has a gentle, creamy lather that is perfectly balanced to be both cleansing and moisturizing. Use this soap as a body wash, shaving lotion, makeup brush cleaner, or pet shampoo!

A soft, woody scent that inspires tranquility, Bamboo & Teak is a clean, fresh fragrance great for those who prefer lighter or more neutral scents. Subtle floral notes complement the woodsy profile, inviting peaceful moments of reflection with each use.

Top Notes: Green Bamboo, Carnation, Orchid

Base Notes: Teakwood, Sweet Balsam, Water Lily

Star Ingredients: Olive Oil (olea europaea), Water, Coconut Oil (cocos mucifera), Soybean Oil (glycine soja), Lye (sodium hydroxide), Fragrance, Fine Grain Pumice Powder

  • 5 oz.
  • No parabens, sulfates, or phthalates


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