Finding Home

Written by Katherine Heil


Posted on July 27 2023

Just a short 13 years ago to the day, I left my hometown to officially move to New York City. Since then I have lived in 10 different places. I have learned to live with less, to make do with what I had, and to create spaces that felt like home wherever I was.

Lighting a candle, getting cozy with my favorite blanket, looking around at familiar faces in pictures, and special little trinkets I have collected along the way.

Home has always been a state of mind for me rather than a permanent place. Home is a feeling you get when you are at your most relaxed, your most comforted. I have always said, I wish I could bottle that feeling up and share it to those in need of a little hygge.

I have been lucky to call my current apartment home for the last 3 years. It has served as a safe place among the chaos of my emotions, the external world, and the life I am hustling to build. My house has become a home to this budding business I am building here at Homie. It is the inspiration in the freedom to live alone and the security of these four walls I desire to chase for many years to come.

I dream about a time when I will be able to look back and think fondly of the years I spent in solitude here, manifesting for all of my desires to come to fruition.

Having a home you feel most like yourself in is all you need to succeed in life. It is not lost on me how lucky I have been to not only have a roof over my head but a space that brings me peace and joy. Even more, how lucky are we to hold this space together in making our spaces more beautiful, functional, and inspiring with the items we can fill it with.



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